05 Writing a Lab Report: Discussion

it’s now time to write the discussion and inversely to the introduction the discussion starts very specific and just like an inverted funnel becomes more and more general as you write it so as you can see in the diagram here we start our discussion by restating the aim and suggesting whether our hypothesis were supported or not we will then try to explain that or link it up with other research and then try and provide as it says there are a context any other places it can be taken any other investigations that can be made so if we have a look at my discussion here I started with restating what the two hypothesis were and then suggesting whether they were in fact supported or not I try to justify it here and then I try to investigate what we’ve actually found and thrash it out a bit more so looking at some of the data here I’ve discussed its relevance and any interesting bits that we found sort of conducting an analysis there anything that might have corrupted the results or anything that has been of interest should point it out and I’ve mentioned here a suggestion for an extension of this experiment and again ending here I’ve restated the hypothesis and suggested whether or not it has been supported what I haven’t done in the discussion and which I should have done is linked it to other research there should be a whole heap of references in here of other research that is related to this or supports the research that I have done so in yours make sure when you are writing your discussion that there are at least two or three references that you have linked your results to that could be similar or possibly even the complete opposite and you may want to discuss why that is the case

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